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If you’ve ever been to a trade show, or seen pictures of such a wonderful event, you probably notice that there’s a lot of booths everywhere, and that, depending on the show, some of them look quite, well, gorgeous.  Odds are, alas, that if you’ve been to an industry event like that, you’ve seen something quite different, especially if the event is something that was closed to the public.  This is because there’s a different expectation and a different need for each set of consumers of your good (and, in this case, your booth can be considered a good, one that you’re trying to get people to come and look at in order to sell them on whatever it is you have to offer).

show displaysOne of my favorite trade shows is an annual event, and I’ve only gotten to go twice, but both times I was blown away and had a great time.  It’s an event called NAMM, and I can’t for the life of me remember what the acronym stands for, but it’s a trade show, open to the public, and it’s entirely designed around selling guitars.  Row upon row of trade show displays related to everything to do with musical instruments, mostly guitars and other stringed instruments, and amps, and pretty much anything else that a musician could possibly want.  It’s a beautiful thing, believe me, and I loved every second of it.

The way that they set up their trade show booths was, quite frankly, obviously geared toward a public setting, and toward making sure that as many people as possible got to take a look at the guitars.  But it goes beyond that, which is a good way to make sure that people are going to remember the show that you put on and the equipment that you were trying to sell; nearly every guitar there could be picked up and played.

This means that not only are you showing people what they’re going to be able to buy in the near future, but you’re giving them a chance to connect with your product, or at least with the early builds of your product.  They have a chance to play the guitars, to play them through commonly available amps, to test the whole thing out for themselves, and that’s a great way to connect with your customers, and to make sure that people are experiencing your product and forming an attachment to it.  It’s also a great way to get feedback from your customers on the instruments that you’re making, which can give you a chance to fix something before you put it out on the market.  Now, this doesn’t always work (the Gibson ‘Zoot Suit’ Les Paul shows this.  Ugliest.  Guitar.  Ever.  Bad pickup situation, mediocre make, and the worst thing of all, they cut a lot of the wood out of the guitar in order to make it lighter (and cheaper).

Now, compare this to the way that trade show booths are set up for guitar shops to trade guitars or to sell guitars to other stores, especially vintage and used guitars.  There isn’t any flashy setup.  There aren’t any beautifully put together guitar booths, or any lovely sets of hangers that display them in a beautiful way so that the public will be drawn to certain makes and models.  Instead, the guitars are either in their cases with the top open, or they’re sitting on a guitar stand of some sort.  You don’t get to just pick up and play these vintage guitars, either; if you want to, you at least have to ask, and some people are pretty big on not letting people touch the guitars (which makes sense, as some of these guitars are worth tens of thousands of dollars.  I once played a Gibson Les Paul that was thirty thousand dollars American, an old school black beauty.  I only got to play it because it was a friend of mine who knew that I was going to be careful with it, otherwise I would have never gotten to.).  People who are there to sell guitars don’t have any need for the flashy displays, because the people there know what they want, they know what they’re looking for, and they know what they’re doing, and aren’t going to be swayed with the use of flashy nonsense.

Just remember, the point of the whole event is to do the best that you can to sell a product to the people who are coming, even if you’re just setting yourself up to make a sale in the future.  That, and to have a good time, because a lot of these shows are in pretty awesome places to visit.

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grow room designMarijuana is by far one of the most profitable crops it is possible to grow, today. With the advent of legalization and decriminalization, it’s now possible to grow commercially, and this is an opportunity that many are taking advantage of, and literally reaping the rewards, in the form of buds that in today’s market are worth anywhere from $2,000-3,500 per pound. But in order to be on the higher end of that spectrum, to have good quality bud, and to get the maximum buck for your bang, it’s important to not just grow weed, but grow it well. And the key to doing that is having a high quality, professional grow room.

So, what is a high quality grow room? With just a little bit of internet research, you’ll soon find that there are a variety of opinions on the subject. Sometimes this can be confusing, but fret not, for I am here to let you in on some of the secrets of the best growers. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll be on your way to growing like a true pro. It’s also worthwhile mentioning that basically all of these tips and tricks can be achieved more simply by investing in a modular, prefabricated, enclosed grow room. However, let’s discuss what that would entail, and what you would need to do, if you choose to make the grow room for yourself, from scratch.

The number one thing to know about growing cannabis well is a nifty little concept called the Closed Grow Environment (CGE). As the name would indicate, the CGE is an entirely enclosed micro-climate, with very little or no interchange with the external environment. The true CGE is entirely air-tight, and light-tight. Every aspect of the internal climate is controlled, and sealed. The only time that the grow room should have any contact with the outside world is when it’s necessary for you to open it, to go inside and check on your plants. All of the rest of the tips contained herein are basically how to enclose and regulate this internal environment.

The first thing to consider is the enclosure itself. Although many types of growing enclosures exist, for my money, the best is the modular sort. Many grow enclosures which are not modular may have some advantages, such as being disguised as a cabinet or even a personal computer, but the modular grow room has some advantages that, in my opinion, trump any of these, not least of which is that it is modular, and therefore customizable and expandable. This means that there are not a limited number of sizes that you can purchase, but the grow room can be sized appropriately to make the maximum use of your space, regardless of the dimensions you have available. The best part is, if you start out small, and then decide to expand someday, you can purchase more of the modular materials, and make your room as much larger, or smaller, for that matter, as you want.

Another important factor is all of the elements which will regulate your internal micro-climate. This means temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, primarily. The two main aspects of regulating these factors is to have measurement mechanisms, and corrective mechanisms. For temperature, for instance, the measurement mechanism is obviously a thermometer. The corrective mechanism would be small heating and/or air conditioning units, specially made for grow rooms. For humidity, it would be a hygrometer and a humidifier and dehumidifier. For CO2 levels, a CO2 meter and CO2 generator.

Another two factors to take into consideration are the irrigation system, and keeping the water you give your plants oxygenated. For oxygen levels in the water, which is an often overlooked but important factor, an aerator can be installed in your watering system. For irrigation, it’s important to have a water reservoir especially for your grow, with a pump and tubes that are leak-free, very secure, and on a timer to ensure that watering happens on a regular schedule. Since irrigation systems can often be pesky and prone to flooding or leaking, it’s probably a good idea to have a flood detection system, to alert you when there is water on the floor.

These are a few of the best things you can do to have a successful grow room. Of course, there are many more, which cannot be entirely contained in one article, and you still have much research ahead of you. However, as stated before, you can avoid much of the hassle by taking advantage of my first tip, which is to purchase a prefabricated, enclosed modular grow room, designed and installed by a professional grow room designer, to suit your specific needs. By doing this, you will be avoiding not just the hassle, but also the risk of human error involved if you do it yourself. You may get it right the first time, but there’s no guarantee. So the best advice I can give anyone who is new to growing is to allow a professional grow room builder to install their grow room, and let their first harvest or two pay for it. Whatever you may choose to do, as long as you create a CGE and monitor and regulate its internal conditions carefully, you’re going to grow some good marijuana.

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Public relations really isn’t a mystery, yet it’s incredibly misunderstood. If we went by what was portrayed on television and movies, PR companies would have a far different role than they actually do. They are often portrayed as advertisers or marketers, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fields may be loosely related, but they are certainly not PR. PR firms don’t spend their time creating billboards and slogans, purchasing advertising space, or paying newspapers to publish articles they’ve written. Public relations is a field that’s driven by communication. But that’s enough about what PR isn’t, let’s discuss what it is.

So what do PR firms really do?

First we should explain the difference between a public relations agency and an advertising company. Even when one firm handles PR and advertising, these campaigns are kept separate and distinct. Unlike advertisers, PR firms will spend time researching and investigating various channels that are available for them to promote their clients through editorial press and other reputable, non-advertisement sources. Additionally, PR firms will use social media, not to post ads, but to communicate and cultivate a relationship with a client’s target audience. More and more social media is become one of the best means for managing PR. The type of exposure PR firms are seeking for their clients is termed “earned media.” The term is self-explanatory; it is media that is earned rather than purchased. It may show up on a website, tv program, newspaper, or magazine. In general earned media is a highly sought after form of exposure. pr company

It should be clear right away why earned media is so valuable to a company. Having a reputable source talking about a company strikes a chord with readers. There is a clear and distinct difference between earned media and paid advertisements. Consider the last time you picked up a newspaper or watched a TV show. Chances are you consumed the intended content while avoiding advertisements when possible. This is way most people operate. A PR firm’s job is to get their client from the ad pages to the main feature. If they can do that successfully on a regular basis, they’ll be a mainstay in the PR industry.

The goal of advertising is actually quite similar to that of public relations. Both are trying to have their client present in the most positive light possible. They want them to be seen as competent, caring, thoughtful, and as a trusted industry expert. Where these two fields differ is in their means. While advertisers use ad placement and branding to positively impact image, public relations experts take a more subtle approach. Simply put, people are more receptive to genuine newspaper articles than to advertisements. Taking advantage of this fact is what makes PR more effective in the long run.

When it boils down to it, a public relations agency is simple seeking to effectively manage communication between a company and its target audience. It sounds simple on the surface, but it’s an incredibly complex task. In order to effectively reach the correct audience, the PR company has to identify who they are. Depending on the client, it could be the entire general public, or it may be something much more narrowly defined. They will also determine the most effective way to reach the target audience. This is done through research and careful market analysis.

There are many companies seeking to improve their public image, and a great number of them will turn to public relations professionals. Creating, maintaining, and improving a public image is no small task. It will take an all-around effort, from the PR firm to the company from top to bottom. For this reason, the best PR firms are constantly coaching and training their clients with regards to public interactions. They teach companies and representatives about ways their actions, words, and decision impact their image. This can help maintain the image that a PR company carefully cultivates.

No PR firm should be satisfied with their current campaign. This just means they should always be evaluating and looking for areas where it can be improved. Raising public awareness about clients cannot be done effectively if campaigns aren’t monitored. Adjustments will need to be made, it’s simply part of the process. They’ll use all available resources to produce the most effective campaigns, and they’ll impact a company in other ways as well. For example, they’ll oversee product launches and help write speeches for the event. They also will coordinate other events that impact public opinion, such as charity gatherings or media meet and greets.

Crisis management is an area of PR that many people are already familiar. If TV shows are any indication, most people think this is the main role of a PR firm. However, that is simply not the case. It’s true that an agency must be well-versed in crisis control, but it’s far from their main function. In fact, the goal of most PR firms is to avoid these situations all together. They educate clients and take preventative measures that lessen the chance of disastrous situations.

Hiring a PR firm is a wise choice for any company seeking to improve its public image.

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It’s never too late to revamp your company’s image online. A new website and digital marketing strategy is just a few meeting and proposals away. Sure it’s possible to get set up online on your own using a variety of web-based programs, but it’s not usually the best solution. Website design isn’t what it used to be 20 years ago when it didn’t really have a great impact on business. professional responsive web design company

Today websites are probably the most valuable marketing tools companies have. Everybody is online it seems, and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re more connected now then we’ve ever been, and people are used to an on demand lifestyle. If people can’t reach you during business hours, they’ll want to have the opportunity to interact with your company on the web.

Because of this, you’ll have to invest accordingly. It may be a big expense to hire an expert design firm, but it’s well-worth the cost. In fact, ROI from digital marketing tends to be much better than traditional methods. When you meet with different firms, you should be prepared with a list of questions that will help you in the selection process. To give you a few ideas, I started a quick list that you can draw from.

Let me know what you think!

The questions:

  1. Can you describe your firm’s design and development process? - If the goal is to construct an award-winning responsive website, the process has to be thorough and clearly defined. A firm should jump at the chance to describe their process and explain why it works so well. It’s shows that they are organized and committed to getting results.
  2. Can you explain your plan for security? - Expert website developers should be more than willing to go into detail about their plan for securing your website. Your customers need to be able to visit with peace of mind knowing their sensitive data is being kept safe. They should be able to shop and enter their credit card number without fear. Good developers will go to great lengths to ensure things are secure.
  3. Will you update and write entries for our blog? - Blogging is a necessary part of your company’s website. Not only does it have a great impact on SEO, it provides a steady stream of fresh content. The blog must be well-written and relevant in order to be successful. If you’ve hired a full-service agency chances are good they’ll have a staff of copywriters ready to meet your needs. Be sure to bring up blogging and its importance to you and your meetings.
  4. Can you explain your design philosophies? - Design and development firms should be able to clearly express their design philosophy to you. You should be looking for a firm that favors simplicity and avoids cluttering your website with unnecessary buttons, icons, banners, and ads. In most cases there is no need to monetize your website, and professional designers know this.
  5. How will you develop our brand identity? - The goal of a website is to get your brand out there and establish an identity. You need to know that firms handling your site design are up to the task. Find out how they’ll make you stand out from the competition and make your company name and logo synonymous with quality.
  6. What do you think of responsive design? - Responsive design is imperative for websites today. You want people to be able to access your page fully from whatever device or browser they are using. Creative responsive website designs are the future, gone are the days when you had to devise multiple sites for different devices. Responsive sites eliminate link sharing issues and allow for ease-of-use. If your website is not responsive you risk your company being seen an unreliable and even incompetent. Whichever firm you choose should be experts in responsive design.
  7. What are your ideas for a call-to-action? - A call-to-action, or CTA for short, is a key feature on any website. The “Buy It Now” button on Ebay is a great example of a successful CTA. You want firms to be show initiative and be creative with their ideas. Keep in mind that they may not reveal all their secrets before you sign up, they don’t want you stealing any ideas!
  8. How do you ensure results? - Analytics are an import part of any website. You want to make sure that you’re seeing the expected results. If you’re lacking in traffic and conversions, or have a high bounce rate, a solution must be reached. Expert design and development firms with constantly monitor website statistics and make sure results are being delivered.

Some of these questions may be answered before you even get to ask them, and that’s a good thing! If a firm is able to answer questions during their initial presentation it shows they’ve been thinking ahead. Have confidence in selecting your design agency and things will turn out fine.

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We spend, as a country, as a society, an immense amount of time and money obsessing about the way that we look. Look at how much money people, especially the ‘beautiful people’, spend on purchasing high-end shirts and pants, or on suits with names like ‘Armani’ and the like, making sure that they have the most expensive and most comfortable (really, they only care about the shirt being most expensive and having a label that denotes it as such.  Trust me, I’ve been to the places where they make the shirts that are both fifteen dollars a shirt and ninety dollars a shirt, and the only difference is the lovely logo they put on at the very end of the process.), making sure that what they have sends the message that they’re the best, that they’re the richest, and that they’re desirable.

Of course, when you first meet someone, it isn’t just their clothing that you look at in order to figure out what they are all about, so to speak.  You look at the way they walk and present themselves, for example.  You also look at their smile, and a big part of the smile is the teeth, of which I would like to discuss today.

If you have a smile with a bunch of teeth that just aren’t in proper alignment, you’re basically hobbling yourself from the beginning.  People do a lot of judging just from looking at the smile and the way that it presents you to them, and this means that you’re going to want to make sure that it presents you in the best way it can.  For a lot of people, this means you’re going to need that smile straightened out a bit.

Now, this is a common thing, to the point where one out of three people in the United States need their teeth realigned at some point in their lives, and the most common way to do so is with the use of standard metal braces.  However, in no means does that mean that this is the best way, nor the most modern.

That honor belongs to Invisalign invisible braces.  Here’s just three ways in which they’re a step up over the technology that came before them.

1.  Discretion

So, for years, one of the big fears of the teenager has been that they’d go to their local dentist one day and hear the dreaded words ‘well, you may need braces’.  It’s such a fear, in fact, that for years there have been movies and television shows about how terrible and scary it is to be a teenager with braces and all that nonsense (because nothing in the world will be as awful as having braces at the age of fourteen, obviously).

braces for adultsThe reason for this fear is because they’re not discreet, in their standard metal form, at all.  I mean, to be fair, they were way more discreet than the orthodontic headgear that came before, but that’s like saying ‘well, this horse is way more discreet than this giraffe, even when they’re both in an urban environment’.  Metal in the mouth does not hide well, in general, especially when you have shiny, glittery metal placed over, say, the pearly white teeth that belong in your mouth.

On the other hand, Invisalign aligners have no metal in them at all.  Instead, they consist of a series of plastic aligners that are made to make sure that they can’t be seen.  The plastic in them means that, once you put them on your teeth, they’re basically invisible to everyone you know, allowing you to fix your teeth without worry that someone is going to notice you’re doing so.

2.  Ease of Use and Comfort

Standard metal braces are a bit more difficult to live with than discreet braces for teens and adults are, because they have to be permanently (well, semi-permanently) attached to the teeth with the use of a dental adhesive.  This means they’re (hopefully) not going to be coming off of the place they’ve been placed.  On the other hand, you can easily remove Invisalign aligners, making your life a lot easier, and making it easier to brush your teeth.

3.  Cost

This may not be an advantage, per se, but it is some good news.  I know, the pessimistic among you (like myself) are wondering what this whole thing is going to cost, and good news, it isn’t as expensive as you’d think.  Basically, you’re going to end up paying five hundred to a thousand dollars more, depending on where you live.  This will be split up over the course of payments, not something you have to pay all at once, so there’s no reason to worry.

We have had a great new technology provided to us to realign our teeth, and it only makes sense to use it!

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Dentistry for oral health is the most common reason we find ourselves sitting in the dentist’s chair. Getting in to see the dentist on for regular cleanings in extremely important and beneficial to one’s overall health. However, there is another reason why people head into the dentist office. Many successful dentists offer cosmetic services in addition to their oral health related options.

Today we are going to take a closer look at one of these services, veneers. Though primarily used for cosmetic reasons, there are times when veneers can be useful tools in oral health care. For example, a patient who suffers from deteriorating teeth due to gum design may be fitted with veneers to stop further degradation. Cosmetically, veneers might be used to cover up discoloration due to years of heavy smoking or from an injury. Teeth that are worn or misshapen can also be affixed with a veneer.

To familiarize yourself with this interesting tools for cosmetic dentistry, check out this handy guide:

Definition of Veneer

Dental veneers are ultra-thin layers of porcelain or composite material used to permanently cover a tooth for a variety of reasons. The most common uses for veneers are aesthetic, though they do have other uses. They are typically affixed to the tooth using an etching and bonding process and are meant as permanent solutions to a variety of issues. Veneers can be built on the tooth itself or fabricated in a lab.

Reasons for getting veneers:

Veneers are useful for a wide variety of issues. They are typically unnoticeable upon casual glance and are popular for these, among other, issues:

  • Injury associated discoloration
  • To cover damage caused by root canals and other procedures
  • Yellowing caused by heavy smoking that isn’t responsive to whitening
  • To cover small caps between teeth that may lead to other issues
  • To cover irregular, misaligned, overcrowded, or uneven teeth
  • To cover teeth that are worn, broken, or chipped

Veneers are a valuable tool for these uses and more. If you think one of these cases applies to you, you should schedule a consultation with your dentist as soon as possible.

The History of Veneers

People have been focusing on developing the field of cosmetic dentistry since at least the 19th century, and probably before. Braces were invented by the early 1800s, so it’s clear that people have been trying to improve the way their smiles look for many years. Even veneers were first invented in 1928, that’s 87 years ago! Of course they weren’t the same as the veneers we use in modern dentistry. Still, teeth veneers for cosmetic smile restoration have been around longer than most people. Charles Pincus, a Hollywood dentist, gets credit for inventing the first veneers. They were used by actors on the set of a film. However, they weren’t permanent, and even the acrylic veneers he invented in the 1930s were only a temporary solution. It wasn’t until much later, 1982 to be exact, that a solution for attaching permanent veneers was found. The process of etching teeth had been developed in the 1950s, but the discovery that hydrofluoric acid would greatly enhance bonds on teeth made permanent veneers a possibility. Of course they’ve been refined over the years, but for the most part the modern veneers we use today were created in the early 1980s. find a Teeth Whitening Dentist

The Process of Attaching the Veneers

Veneers are extremely popular, and one reason is probably the fact that they can be attached without surgery. A local anesthetic is enough to get the job done in almost every case. Even better, the entire process usually on consists of two visits to the office. Generally it is no issue to have more than one veneer attached at the same time. The process is non-intrusive and fairly straightforward for cosmetic dentists with experience.

During the first of the two visits, the teeth will be prepped for the process. The dentist will cut a very small piece of the enamel out of the tooth. This is to give the veneer a place to attach to the tooth. It’s during this visit that the dentist will take an impression of each tooth as well. He or she will need something to base the veneer off of. The the process of fabricating the veneer in the lab will begin, this usually takes one to two weeks. After it is finished, the next part of the process is ready to begin.

At the next appointment, the dentist will first remove any temporary veneers placed on the teeth. Next the teeth will be thoroughly cleaned in order to make the bonding process go as smoothly as possible. As the veneers are attached to the teeth, they will be trimmed and adjusted as needed. Then, the process is complete. A follow-up appointment will occur a couple of weeks later to make sure everything is OK, but that’s it. The patient is good to go with their new veneers.

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There are few things that we put as much importance on in the United States as we do our smile and the shape that our teeth are in.  Indeed, it seems that when it comes to making a first impression, the smile is one of the major things that we consider as an indicator or earnestness, kindness, the list is very long and, honestly, without much reason to it.

Because we, as a society, place so much importance on the way that our smile presents us to other people, it only makes sense that we would spend as much time and money improving on it as we can.  Think of all the time you spend (hopefully) each day in performing regular upkeep on your smile, brushing your teeth, flossing, using mouthwash, and doing that after every meal (or at least twice a day).  All those five minutes in the bathroom add up quickly, to the point where, by the time we die, we’ve probably spent a year or two maintaining our teeth alone.  That doesn’t even get into all the money we spend on our teeth.

With all this money, one of the leading procedures we have done is a treatment plan involving braces of some sort.  Recent estimates suggest that over one in three people will, over the course of their lives, have some sort of treatment for their teeth in order to align them more properly.  this means that there’s a large market for this kind of service in the United States.

We’ve been a leading consumer of braces for quite some time, but there’s a newer technology that we can use now known by its brand name, ‘Invisalign’, and it is a major step up.  Here’s three reasons why it may be better for you than standard metal braces.

1.  Discretion

One of the big drawbacks to standard metal braces is that, while they’re more discreet than the headgear that they’ve all but replaced, they’re not all that discreet when you open your mouth.  It’s hard for people to not notice all the metal gleaming out from behind your lips.  Over the last few years, as dentistry in general has adopted the use of various porcelain and ceramics, it seems like there’s been a movement toward discretion, but still, even when you use ceramic or porcelain brackets instead of metal ones, you’re going to find that the metal wire stands out.

On the other hand, Invisalign braces for adults and teens are, as the name would have you believe, invisible to the naked eye, and will go unnoticed by friends and family alike.  They’re made from a see-through plastic material that is made to allow the natural color of your teeth to shine through, not to try to blend in or anything like that.

2.  Comfort and ease of use

A big drawback to standard metal braces is that they’re just uncomfortable in the mouth.  Much of this discomfort is derived from the fact that they’re very large, and are mounted on the teeth in a way that they’re going to be naturally rubbing against the inside of the mouth when you talk or even chew.  This will eventually create some sores, which will go away, but can be slightly painful.

Thankfully, because Invisalign aligners don’t add any bulk to the teeth, or at least not that much, they don’t have the same problem, and are, in fact, much more comfortable in the mouth.  They’re also easily removable at need, which is always a plus.

3.  Cost

A lot of people worry about the cost of ‘expensive’ treatments, especially in this economy.  It’s just natural that people worry about their money and what they’re doing with it.

Standard metal braces, on the one hand, are going to run you about four thousand dollars for a set, of which you’ll pay three, with your insurance (assuming you have insurance) paying a thousand.

On the other hand, Invisalign teen smile correction system aligners will cost you four thousand and five hundred dollars for a set, of which you’ll pay three thousand and five hundred, with insurance, again, covering a cool thousand for you.  So, the prices are comparable, except with one, you’re getting much more, and the other gives you simply standard braces.

So, if you’re looking into technology to align your teeth, consider Invisalign aligners.  You’ll be glad you did when you’ve got a discreet method of aligning your teeth that doesn’t require discomfort and is fairly priced.  Ask your local orthodontist if Invisalign might be right for you today!

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There is, in your lifetime, a chance that you will eventually need to have your teeth worked on for alignment issues.  In fact, a full third of people in the United States will fall into this category and require some sort of orthodontic work to straighten out teeth that are misaligned.  Maybe your teeth are misaligned naturally, maybe you’ve done something to yourself, whatever the case may be, one out of every three people in this country (and the actual number may well be higher, as that number is only the people who actually seek out and receive treatment) are going to be needing to go to see their local professional orthodontists in order to get treatment.

For most people, a trip to go see their local professional orthodontist is basically a prescription to get braces of some sort in order to correct whatever issue they’ve been having with their teeth.  On rare occasions, you can get something else for treatment.  Worst case scenario, you end up having to go to a surgeon and basically having a tooth cut and pulled out (it hurts, but if you’re having overcrowding issues, it’s the best way to fix the problem), in order to make more room for the other teeth in your mouth.  Best case, you end up needing a retainer and having to wear it so many hours a day for so many months (or years).

For everyone else, there’s Invisalign, invisible braces that are made to do the same thing as standard braces, but that are a real step up in technology.  Here’s just five reasons to choose Invisalign over standard metal braces.

1.  Affordability

I know, a lot of people in this day and age are worried about affordability; reasonably so, because most quality adult orthodontics aren’t super cheap to start with, and having to pay a lot more for something newer may just feel like more cost than benefit to a lot of people during these hard economic times.

Thankfully, Invisalign is very affordable when compared to standard metal braces. The price may vary from place to place, depending on the market and the general cost of living there (so don’t get braces in New York City unless you have to!), but, in general, Invisalign will cost between five hundred and a thousand dollars more than the cost of standard metal braces in the same area.

2.  Discretion

professional orthodontistsA recurring complaint about standard metal braces is that they’re so conspicuous when they’re in the mouth.  A lot of people like to be able to hide what they’re doing to fix their teeth, and some are extremely self-conscious about imperfections, perceived or otherwise, and would prefer it stay hidden until it’s fixed.

Thankfully, Invisalign braces allow for it to remain hidden from the naked eye.  The braces, made from a hard clear plastic, will blend in well with the teeth, and become basically invisible, as their name would suggest.  This is a far cry from the way that braces will remain conspicuous till they’re removed.

3.  Comfort

Braces aren’t comfortable, and that’s a fact.  It’s not really comfortable to live with anything extra being added into your mouth (as anyone who’s had a piercing can tell you). However, when it’s something that’s on your teeth, it’s even worse, because it’s going to spend months on end rubbing on that soft fleshy portion of skin on the inside of your mouth, and that has never been a comfortable thing to experience.  Luckily, if you get Invisalign discreet adult braces, they’re not thick enough to cause this kind of discomfort via friction.

4.  Ease of Use

Braces just aren’t that easy to use, because they create all these issues you have to work around on your teeth in order to brush.  Invisalign, on the other hand, is easily removed in order to allow for proper dental hygiene and upkeep.  Score another one for Invisalign!

5.  Durability

A great thing about the design of Invisalign braces is that they’re made of a lightweight material.  Although one would expect to see some sort of issue to do with the durability of such, none occurs, because Invisalign braces aren’t in the mouth long enough for durability to be a worry.  They’re in for two weeks, and then you’re on to the next set!

So, if you need your teeth realigned, go and see your local professional orthodontist and see what they have to offer you.  It’ll do you a world of good, and it’ll provide you with a smile that can blind and dazzle your friends!

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Never before, at any point in our nation’s history, has the legalization of marijuana, and recreational legalization, at that, been so close, so within the grasp of our society, as it is today.  Legalization, or at very least decriminalization, is becoming more and more popular daily with vast swaths of our popular in the United States, and it’s not easy to see why.  Every day, we turn on the television to more news about people who got arrested or shot for having marijuana on hand and trying to flee the police, and other terrible stories, and over what?  A ‘drug’ that is basically harmless, besides the harm that inhalation of any warm/hot substance is likely to cause?  Seems silly.

Thankfully, we’re moving toward outright legalization for recreational use, so much so, in fact, that even the most pessimistic approximations I’ve seen have suggested that, within the next five presidential election cycles, we’ll have total legalization across the United States at the state level, and then all that’s left is legalization at the federal level, and that shouldn’t take much time at all.  In fact, President Obama, a man whose domestic policy hasn’t been much of a success, recently called for a look at rescheduling marijuana (currently, it is schedule I, which is the same level of strict scheduling as heroin and LSD, and basically implies that there is no reasonable use for it in the hands of the public), which may make use and legalization all the easier in the future at the federal level.

cannabis grow roomWith this coming surge in legalization (you watch, it’s going to happen) is going to come a surge in demand for legal, licensed, permit-paid, tax-paying places to buy marijuana from, and that means grow rooms are going to be needed now more than ever.  Here’s just three reasons that you should consider getting a modular grow room rather than buying a greenhouse or something similar.

1.  Modular marijuana grow rooms are easy to install and remove

A great thing about modular grow rooms is that they’re very simple to install in a business, and can be installed with a minimum amount of effort.  This is important, because the more skill and expertise is required to install and set up a grow room and the equipment you’ll be buying for said grow room, the more time and money you’ll have to invest in getting it ready to use.  The easier you can set it up, the easier you can get ready to grow, and the quicker you’ll be able to grow that sweet, sweet ganja that your customers desire.

Also, the easier it is to take out, the better off you’re going to be, especially if you rent your premises.  When you leave, whether you’re leaving because you’re expanding or you’re leaving because your business has failed, you’re going to need to remove everything you’ve installed, or else you can risk losing your deposit money.

2.  Modular grow rooms are scalable

A modular marijuana grow room is something that you can scale down or up to meet your needs.  This is great, especially if you’re going to be opening your business soon and are going to be having your grow room en suite to your business. A lot of businesses, when they open, are going to be selling that much (and this is true no matter what it is that you’re selling, by the way), so you don’t need to be growing an entire warehouse’s worth of marijuana; you just need to be growing enough to service the demand.

3.  Modular grow rooms can grow with your business

So, with something being scalable, it’s important that, as the business grows, you’re capable of scaling up.  A small grow operation might be all you need the day that you open, but what about a year later, when word has gotten out about your business and people are coming in more frequently, you’re going to need to be able to provide more strains and more quantity to the customer.  Luckily, modular grow rooms can be scaled up just as easily as they can be scaled down, allowing you to increase (or decrease) your operation as needs dictate and as demand increases.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business and to grow a bit of green (not just marijuana green, but also green dollars.  I was trying to be witty), consider doing so with a modular grow room.  It’s something that can grow your ability to grow as your business grows.


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Despite what people may say when it comes to money and its ability to make you happy, the reality is that with more money, you’re going to be able to do more of the things that make you happy than someone who has a bank account with a whole twenty dollars in it.  However, we don’t, as a society, really do all that much to instill good habits when it comes to the management and saving of money; we’re a society that puts a lot of emphasis on buying things right now, even if you have to buy the things on some form of credit or payment plan that is really a bad deal for us in the long run, but we don’t care, because we’re getting what we want, when we want. This isn’t a great way to live your life, although it is enjoyable in the short run.

Because we are, as a society, so terrible at saving and managing our own money, it has led to the rise of groups that are dedicated to helping save you from yourself, so to speak, and to help you figure out how to put away some of the money you’re hopefully earning, as well as how to navigate the various financial transactions that our modern life requires.  I’m speaking of accounting firms, and they’re really quite the miracle for anyone who needs assistance in putting away some money or investing it wisely, whether you’re talking about a few thousand dollars or multiple millions of dollars.  Here’s just three ways they earn their keep, so to speak.

1.  Tax filing

tax firmFiling taxes for anyone can be a real hassle.  It’s no coincidence that, as we get further from the first of the new year and closer and closer to April fifteenth, people get more and more stressed out.

Then there’s all the work that goes into figuring out your taxes.  Even if you’re lucky enough that you work for an employer who deducts your payroll taxes for you, and you don’t have any dependents, any debts, any liens, anything similar, it’s still going to be difficult to figure out your taxes.  To put this difficulty into perspective, there are seventy-two thousand pages of tax code in the United States today, give or take a few dozen.  The code changes in some way each year, although not every year’s changes will affect you.  What are you to do?

Hire a CPA firm offering tax accounting services, and the whole thing becomes their problem to figure out, not yours.

2.  Debt assistance

So, if you, like I did, have gone, or are going, to college, be it undergraduate or post-graduate work, you’re likely to know someone who is up to their eyeballs in debt.  They have taken out loans for each year, along with (hopefully) putting a little bit of their own money into it, or getting a scholarship or two.

When you graduate, you have about six months to find a job and begin making payments, in general.  These payments, for those who find jobs making around fifteen dollars an hour, can be well out of reach, especially when you consider how many dollars in loans you’ve taken out.  However, with the help of accounting advisors, you can better negotiate a more reasonable rate of payment, even though you won’t be able to renegotiate your interest rate (most likely).

3.  Money management

As I said in the opening here, managing money is a lost skill in the United States.  We’re very much a society of ‘I want it, and I want it now, and damn the expense!’, as has been often remarked in various ways.  We don’t like to have to wait for the things we want, whether it’s a new car or a new house.  Because of this, we fritter away our money on payments instead of buying things outright.

This is where an accounting firm can help you save money.  They can help set financial goals; maybe you want a new guitar (three thousand bucks plus for a high-end guitar), maybe you need a new car in two years because yours has been soldiering on long enough that it deserves a retirement and pension, maybe you just want to put a certain amount of money in your retirement fund.  Your accountant will be able to help you set and meet these goals.

So, if you need help with the money aspects of your life, give a local accounting firm a call and see what they can do for you.  It’s better than losing money, that’s for sure.



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It’s not always easy to take the leap and decide to look for professional and discreet orthodontics for adults. You may know that you want to fix your smile, but you might be afraid of the implications. If you never had braces when you were a kid, but you’re still self-conscious about your smile, it’s time to act. You may be worried about having a mouthful of metal, especially as an adult, but you need to know there are other options. If you already take care of your teeth, and stay on top of your dental hygiene, why not get alignment issues correct as well? Ask your dentist the next time you’re in for a recommendation and start searching for an orthodontist.

Even if you don’t get a referral, there are still plenty of ways to find a great orthodontist. Start by heading to the web, that’s where you’ll find the most information. Read some reviews of orthodontists in your area and see what you find. You may be able to find the perfect choice from that method alone, or you may want to do even more research. Ask around the office and see if any of your coworkers are familiar with some good candidates.

InvisalignAlso be sure to find out if the orthodontist you’re thinking of visiting is a licensed member of the American Association of Orthodontists. This organization ensures that certain ethical standards are upheld, and that education is current and ongoing. It should be easy to find out if an orthodontist is a member.

Finally, especially if you’re looking for discretion, you’re going to want to find someone who offers a variety of treatments. You don’t have to go with traditional steel braces to straighten teeth with orthodontic treatment. Be sure that the orthodontist you select is ready look over some alternative methods during your consultation. Here are a few ideas you might want to look into.

1.   Spring Aligners

First of all, not everyone who needs teeth alignment needs braces. You may only have a small issue that be fixed with spring aligners. This would be good news, since they don’t cost nearly as much as braces. They really only fix the front few teeth though, so they only work in the least severe cases. Still, you at least want your orthodontist to see if it would be a viable option for you.

2.   Gold-Plated or Titanium Braces

A fairly common allergy is nickel, and you may not even be aware that you are allergic to it. Unfortunately nickel is used to make steel, the most common material used in braces. If you’re allergic to nickel, you’re going to need an orthodontist who offers other options. A couple of choices might be gold-plated or titanium braces. Both will work for those who have allergies. Some people even go with the gold-plated just for the look!

3. Lingual (Hidden) Braces

One of the best options you have when it comes to discretion has to be lingual braces. These are also called hidden braces, and for good reason. They were actually developed in the 1970s for a model who wanted to keep working while she underwent smile correction treatment. The braces work the same way as traditional ones, only they’re affixed to the back of the teeth. That way nobody can see them at all. It’s a great option, but it’s more expensive than traditional methods, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

4.   Clear Braces

If you want a discreet choice, but you don’t the expense of lingual braces, there is still hope. For years now, orthodontists have been offering clear braces. They are designed to blend in perfectly with the color of your teeth, making them less likely to stand out. Unlike metal braces, they won’t be glinting in the sun. They are typically made of ceramic or plastic material, but they function the same way as traditional braces. That is they work with bracket and wires, using tension to pull teeth into place. Clear braces can be a great way to keep people from noticing your braces often.

5.   Invisalign

Developed in the late 1990s, Invisalign is still on the cutting edge of orthodontics technology. They are so discreet they are sometimes referred to as invisible braces. This is because they are made of a clear plastic and molded to the teeth. They are extremely difficult to notice. Sometimes even the wearer can forget they have them on. Instead of using tension, Invisalign gently guides teeth into place. If it’s a viable solution for you, it’s definitely worth looking into.

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teeth braces for adultsIn the past selecting professional family orthodontists was a simple task. Nowadays however, it’s a different story. There is now such a wide variety of treatment methods that some orthodontists have even begun to specialize in just a few types. From adult braces for smile correction to hidden braces for teens and kids, there are many different specialties. You may get a referral from your dentist, but even then you want to be sure you’re making the best choice. It can overwhelming when you survey all the options available to you. One thing is for certain though, if your dentist is urging you to seek treatment for your teeth alignment, you would be wise to listen. Still, you will have a lot to consider as you prepare for your first consultation.

Before you make your visit to an actual office, spend some time research and consider the possibilities. If you did get a recommendation from your dentist, it might be wise to investigate that avenue first. Many orthodontists will work with dentists to specifically coordinate the best plan for your treatment. Be sure you look at reviews online, and talk with friends, family, and peers in your community. Finding the right orthodontist is a valuable step in your battle for the perfect smile.

Another thing to look into before scheduling your first appointment is the American Association of Orthodontics. Whatever orthodontist you choose should be licensed by this organization. The AAO establishes crucial standards that all orthodontists must follow. The set the standard for ethics in the industry. They also require an orthodontist have the required schooling and practical experience. Continuing education is another thing that is enforced by the AAO. It’s essential to make sure your orthodontist belongs.

It’s wise to know a little bit about the field of orthodontics before you set off to straighten your smile. The primary function of an orthodontist it to straighten your teeth, generally improving how they fit in place in your mouth. Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring that your jaw is aligned properly. If you have an overbite or underbite, they will work to correct it. The issues that people have dealing with alignment in their mouths is collectively called malocclusion. The best orthodontists are going to work with you on formulating a plan to solve your issues. They’ll be there to explain every step of the process to you in detail.

There are some considerations or questions that you should keep in mind as you set of to consult with your newly selected orthodontist the first time. Ask yourself these questions first, and if you can’t find or don’t know the answer, ask your orthodontist.

- What is the extent of the orthodontist’s experience?

Orthodontistry is just like any other field. The more experienced the practitioner is, the adept they will be at addressing all of your concerns or needs. It is more likely they will have seen your particular situation and dealt with it in the past.

- Is the orthodontist’s practice well-established in the community?

Search online for reviews about the office you’re headed to. If you were referred to the orthodontist by your dentist or a friend, be sure to ask them about the business. The more you know about the practice, the better.

- Can you see an example of their results?

Most orthodontists will show you before and after pictures during the consultation. Don’t just gloss over these, carefully observe them and make sure you like what you see. Remember this change is going to be permanent, and you want to go with someone who can guarantee professional results.

- Do they keep up with technology?

It’s imperative that orthodontists are on top of their game when it comes to new technology an methods in their field. You want to go with an orthodontist who is going to use technology to the best of his or her builder to make your treatment process as successful as possible.

- Are there different types of treatment offered?

A good orthodontist is going to offer a few different treatment methods, especially when it comes to braces. From traditional to clear braces for teeth straightening, or even never methods like lingual (hidden behind the teeth) braces and Invisalign, you want options.

These questions can be of great help in ensuring that you’ve chosen the right orthodontist. Remember that orthodontic treatment has long-lasting and usually permanent effects. Be sure that you make the best decision when it comes to your treatment. Be prepared and do some research and you’ll find the perfect match for you smile correction needs.

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So it’s time to open your business, for sake of examples, let’s pretend you’ve decided to open a brand new bistro in your city. Of course you know the importance of getting online and having a wide-ranging presence there, but have you thought about social media marketing yet? What about public relations? These are two very important aspects to consider, and they go hand in hand. Ideally, you’ll find a social media marketing experts that also excel when it comes to PR. As related as the two subjects are, it should not be difficult to find someone who will fit the bill. You want your restaurant to have the best image possible, and you want people to want to come to your location. It’s can be difficult to achieve this on your own, especially while focused on hiring staff, developing a menu, and making sure your location is ready to go. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a social media marketing firm to assist you along the way. There are some convincing reasons to do so listed below.


When you think of social media your initial thought may be that it’s easy, after social media just managing a Facebook page and sending out some tweets, right? No! What good are those things going to do if nobody is seeing them? By hiring a social media firm, you’ll ensure that you have an audience to share things with. They’ll do research to figure who will be interested in eating at your new restaurant, and tailor a social media campaign towards bringing them in. This is an important first step in the life of your business. You need to have a focused audience of people as a base to start bringing business into your establishment.


The most successful social media marketing services that I know of always offer some type of media buying for their clients. Though things are shifting towards the internet, newspapers are far from dead, and television commercials are still being seen by millions of viewers each day. They even display standard commercial to viewers who use on demand services like Hulu. Why hire an ad agency that functions as a one trick pony, when you can have a company that covers all your bases, including media buying like newspapers ads, tv spots, and more.


Creating content for your social media websites isn’t always easy. It may seem like a simple task to get a photo up on Instagram or make a short tweet, but each one should be carefully calculated and serve a real purpose. A good social media firmsocial media marketing service is going to be creating and managing your content on a regular basis. They’ll also be experienced copywriters who will know how to write materials your targeted audience will want to read. It’s one less thing you have to worry about while running a busy restaurant!


It’s important that your company is a respected and valued member of your community. A good social media marketing service is going to make sure that you have good standing in your community. Using the restaurant as the example still, there are many great ways to improve your standing in the community and forge a great relationship with the people in it. A great way to do so might be to honest a charity golf outing. Have your restaurant provide free food and have tickets to the event raise money for a local charity. Your social media company’s job will be able to coordinate the event, and be sure that it’s talked about on social media as well covered by traditional media. Things like this go along way towards fostering a positive relationship with the community.


Many times business owners neglect to account for the importance of their relationships with the media and nowadays, bloggers. Both of these groups can have a big impact people’s opinion of your business, as well as your overall success. Top social media companies are experts in fosters positive relationships with these groups, and they’ll try to take advantage of them where possible. A good review from a top blogger in your area can result in a dramatic increase in your business. The same goes for positive stories in the media.

These are just a few ways that a social media marketing company can help get your business started on the right foot. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of today’s competitive markets. Make sure you’re getting a positive reputation as an asset to the community!


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It may have been a long time since you had to see the dentist for any reason and if you don’t have kids, then it could be awhile before you have to again. And, if that’s the case then I’d say that’s a good thing most likely, however you should really see the dentist a couple of times a year for routine cleanings if you don’t need anything else done. Cavities can form and worsen over time without the proper acknowledgement and care, so during your cleanings, your dentist will almost always perform a general checkup to assess the state that your teeth are in, and as long as you keep coming up clear on all of that, then I’m sure that you’re in pretty good shape. General dentistry these days has combined with cosmetic dentistry and whether you need something that a general dentist would typically perform or teeth whitening, one person is all that’s typically needed to handle both of those matters. Orthodontics however, is a completely different field and requires a totally different type of education and training in order to effectively straighten teeth and correct orthodontic malocclusions.

A lot of people think that traditional braces are intended to correct only issues of an aesthetic nature, but they are sorely mistaken. An Orthodontist is not always focused on the cosmetic aspects of treatment. Sure, there are kids and people who get braces who don’t have any overbite issues or a misaligned jaw, but more often than not, it’s not just the straightening of their teeth that they benefit from, from an appearance standpoint. Overbites and misaligned jaw lines can cause serious medical issues later in their lives for someone who doesn’t have it corrected. Tension headaches and teeth grinding issues are very common for those who should have had orthodontic braces as kids.  That’s right: sometimes, an orthodontist for kids can prevent problems later in life. So, without even getting into the aesthetic benefits of what having braces can provide, it’s important to understand that visiting an orthodontist a very proactive thing to do for avoiding medical problems down the road and if nothing else, that is a significant reason to get it done for your children if you happened to be debating it. Or, perhaps you yourself, are a grown-up and didn’t have braces during their upbringing. If you’re not experiencing any medical issues as a result of not having them corrected, then consider yourself lucky. But, whether it’s a medical or self-esteem issue, any reason is a good one to fix your smile if you’re experiencing any kind of discomfort.

Whether that discomfort you’re experiencing is physical or psychological, braces for grown ups are just as viable of an option as they are for kids. Plus, many full-grown adults have control of their own finances, and the ability to take control of their lives in a way that they weren’t able to when they were kids, with regard to getting braces. Parents used to talk a lot more about how expensive braces were than they do now, and there are at least a couple different reasons for that. One of those reasons is that they’re not as expensive as they used to be (taking inflation into account), because there are more orthodontists now than there ever have been, thus more competition and an incentive to be reasonably priced. Everyone has to make a living, orthodontists included, so if they have to work harder to generate business, then that means that you, the consumer, is going to benefit.

So, if you live in a small town, then things are most likely cheaper than they are in a large city anyway, and I hope that the same is true with dental and orthodontics care. In larger cities however, you may see exactly what I’m talking about if you’re looking for adult braces or some for your kids. Most people who work in many different occupational fields prefer to work in populated areas, so they and their families have access to all of the things and services that they find important to their health and lifestyles. These are the areas where you will see that the competition in the dental and orthodontics fields are ramping up and you might be surprised at how reasonable and flexible pricing and payment options have become. Many orthodontics and dental offices have teamed up with financial institutions, so that they can offer lines of credit for you and your family’s oral care needs. Very often too, they offer their own internal payment plans, so it’s possible that you don’t have to take out a line of credit at all in order to get yours or a loved one’s smile up to par.

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communicative responsive website design agencyWhether you’re an online retailer, an online magazine (E-zine), informational website, or any other type of business, it’s imperative that you have a top-notch website. Better websites translate to better business, and if you maintain an industry leading website, you will see many benefits from it. Creative responsive web designs are the key to having a successful site, and there are quite a few ways to achieve this. I have taken a few moments to prepare a guide to designing a site that will establish a great presence in today’s ever-changing market. If you’ve got the time, it may behoove to look over this list and take some of these points into consideration. Let’s get started:

1     The Design of Your Site

Designing a website is definitely not as easy as it seems. There is a reason that the best web designers are paid at an extremely competitive rate. Having the know how to design a website that people want to visit is an incredibly valuable skill. If you decide to go it alone, just be sure to make use of the vast amount of resources out there. Keep the design simple, and minimalistic while still useful. A great website design is the beginning of a successful online presence, it’s a fantastic starting point and a key part of the process.

2     Responsiveness is Imperative

If you aren’t sure what I mean by responsiveness in this context, it’s OK, you aren’t alone. What I am referring to is the adaptability of your website. For example, if I switch screen size setting, your site should adjust seamlessly with it. Beyond that however, your website needs to be able to function on all mediums. It’s easy to see how often new devices come out for accessing the internet. In the last few years alone with seen the meteoric rise of tablets and smartphones. We’re going to be seeing wearable tech, like Google Glass, becoming more and more common as well. It’s up to you and your development team to have a website that transitions between these devices without a hitch. It will be integral to your success online.

3     Safe and Secure

If you don’t have a safe and secure website, you don’t have anything at all. If people cannot rest assured that they will face no harm when visiting your site, they will not bother coming to your site. This could be something as simple as making sure your security certificates are always up to date. These are what communicate with users devices to let them know you maintain a safe website. A poor development company or developer may allow these certificates to expire, giving people reason to worry when they land on your homepage. If you have any type of shopping cart or check out screen, you will want to make doubly sure that it’s safe and secure. Having a breakdown in security that allows people to steal your client’s credit card or bank account information will be a massive set back for your company. It’s unfortunate we have to worry about such attacks, but the threat is very real.

4    The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is another one of the keys to having a successful website operating online. You’ll want to employ organic optimization methods that will increase your search results. If people have an easier time finding you via a web search, you’ll be in a great position to grow and succeed as a company.  SEO is no easy task, and includes many different facets, such as a well written informative blog that contain information relevant to your business. This is another scenario where it’s beneficial to hire a reliable responsive website design company that also specializes in SEO. They will be able to design the perfect campaign to suit your needs.

5     Overall User Experience

Once your site is designed and developed, it’s time to thoroughly test it before you launch. You want to pay careful attention to the user experience your site gives. First of all, is it easy to navigate and intuitive? Is spending time on your website enjoyable, or a frustrating burden? I suggest having quite a few people navigate around the site and give their input before you actually launch. This real-time user experience will help you see if you’ve created a site that will be a pleasure or pain for people to use.

Any business owner will tell you that in 2015, it’s absolutely imperative to have a viable and competitive website. If you don’t have a presence online, you’re probably falling behind. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself a website that is modern and usable, and it will pay dividends quickly.

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At some point in time, every business will need a PR firm’s help. At some point in your personal life, you’ll wish you had a PR firm in your pocket; trust me, this is an inevitability.  A lot of people know that a PR firm can help dig them out of trouble if they commit a faux pas on a grand scale, but to a business, a PR firm can be a good friend, a partner, a group that helps get the message across to the masses that your business exists and whatever you’re engaged in doing, you do it better (or differently) than your competitors, meaning that people should stop in and see what you have to say.  There’s a lot of fronts through which to get your message across, and a great public relations agency can help you decide which ones are the most useful to get your message across to the largest segment of your desired customers possible.

How will a PR firm help you do this?  To start with, in the classic methods, things that have been employed since widespread publications first advertised goods for sale and service for pay; media buys.   There are many different forms of media buy.  A media buy can be something as simple and old-fashioned (though no less useful for all its years of age) as an advertisement on a choice page in your local newspaper.  It can be something as innocuous and common as a thirty-second ad read on the radio by a public radio personality, a sportscaster, a talk show host, or even a local DJ spinning rock and roll hits for the local alternative station.  A media buy, for a company large enough to produce (and afford to purchase and produce) a thirty-second live-action or animated short, can mean an advertisement during a popular fictional television show, aimed at local audiences.  It can also be referring to the newly charted waters of social media marketing.

Social media marketing comes in two varieties, one being designed to get the attention of the desired customer base, the other being designed to keep them supporting the product or service with their purchases, thus converting what could have been a one-time statistical anomaly in sales into a long-term pattern of continuous growth.

Getting the attention of the customer requires well targeted media buys, as mentioned previously.  But not just in what has become ‘old media’, that is to say television, print media, and radio, but also in targeted ad buys for social media networks.  As anyone who has visited a social media network is aware (and I’m willing to bet quite a bit that anyone reading this article is aware of what social media is and has at least one account on a popular media site) of what I mean buy an ad buy on social media networks.  This is ad space on that new frontier, the internet’s social media sites, purchased by a PR company with some skill and experience in social media management services.  To make sure that this ad space is used to its fullest potential, it’ll be targeted at the people likeliest to make use of whatever your business has to offer, which is great, because if you’re trying to sell high-end, custom guitars to a bunch of people who are broke and don’t have any interest in guitar in the first place, you’ve just wasted money and time on that ad and that ad space.

Once you’ve got your desired customer’s attention in the first place, how do you get them to become a regular customer, not just a one-time customer who made a purchase and won’t return?  With skilled management of your social media presence.  If a man comes into your store to buy some jeans, you’ve made a one-time profit.  If that guy comes into your store after having liked or followed one of your social media pages, goes home, likes the jeans, and then see a week or two later that you’re running a deal on those jeans, or that you’re offering a new set of the same jeans that are more desirable than the ones he already owns, then you’ve brought him back into the store, and maybe even made more profit.  If you keep this up for years on end, you keep bringing him into the store, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a loyal customer buying clothes from your small business.

Now, instead of just one person, imagine this on a grander scale, and you’ll see the way your business can profit from the help of a professional public relations firm  that understands and offers social media marketing services.


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As Bob Dylan sang, “For the times they are a-changin’.” In 2012 Washington and Colorado both legalized cannabis, followed in 2014 by Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. For Colorado legalization has been great. The state economy is in great shape, largely in part to the extremely low unemployment rate. When a brand new industry opens up it’s bound to bring in new jobs. Another thing it’s creating is new business owners. If you’re living in a state like Colorado, are passionate about cannabis, and have a good business sense, it may be something you’ve considered.

modular marijuana grow roomIt’s not as easy as just opening up a store and selling cannabis though. There’s a lot more that goes into, and a lot of things to think about. One of the most important facets of your operation will of course be your grow room and grow in general. If you’re not an expert grower you’re going to need to partner up with one to produce the best quality possible. Otherwise you probably won’t last long in the industry.

Once you’ve found a grower to work with it’ll be time to design your grow room or grow rooms. If you’re smart, you’ll consider looking for a company to design and build a modular growing room for you. There are many advantages to this type of room. Keeping reading to see some of the more important ones:

They’re Mobile

First of all, the modular grow rooms I’m describing break down into parts small enough to fit through standard doorways. This means you can put your room anywhere you have the space. You’ll also be able to break down the room easily when you need to move it to a new location. You may be going from a leased property to one you purchased, or you may have another reason to move. Either way it’ll be quick and easy.

Clean and Hygienic

Since you can set up your modular marijuana grow rooms inside of already existing rooms, they help keep things hygienic. You won’t have to worry about water getting under carpet or hardwood floors, and you’ll keep chemicals and fertilizers from coming into direct contact with the ground. The rooms are also designed with cleanliness in mind, and should be easy to clean on a regular basis.

They Keep Light Out

Light and dark cycles are imperative to the successful growth of cannabis. During flowering, 12 hours of darkness are often necessary for proper development. If your crop is flashed with light during this time, or light is allowed to leak in, you’ll be in for real problems. Stunted development is not something you want to deal with, and in fact it can ruin an entire crop. These modular marijuana grow rooms are designed to be light-tight, to avoid exactly this type of situation.

Temperature Controls

Keeping your room between 75 and 85 degrees fahrenheit is essential to the health of your cannabis plants. They require that specific temperature range to grow properly. If your room is outside that range it can have a negative impact on THC. Less potent plants are NOT what you’re after here, and they can set you back. A modular grow will be air-tight, and easy to keep temperatures consist in.

Easily Modified

In my opinion this is one of the biggest advantages to these modular indoor marijuana grow rooms. They are easily expanded on when the time comes. Instead of having to knock down walls or move your grow a modular grow can simply be added to. Remodeling can be extremely expensive, and moving is just generally a big pain. With modular room, you’ll just have to take off the back wall, add more side wall paneling, then put the back wall in place. It will be a few easy steps that won’t take more than a few hours to complete. When you need to quickly grow to meet the demands of your customers, modular grow rooms are perfect.

Up to Code

If you’re building a grow room, you’ve got a lot of building codes to worry about, in addition to regulations from local enforcing bodies. If you choose the right modular grow room company, they’ll guarantee that your room will be in complete compliance. You want to make sure your grow falls in line with International Building Code as well as other regulations for your specific area. Not having to worry about getting your room up to code should be a huge relief.

Modular growing rooms are a smart idea for many people looking to get into the cannabis industry, as well as those already established. They provide many advantages over traditional rooms and they’re definitely worthy of your consideration.

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You are an expert and believe that you can be successful on your own, otherwise you would have never started your own business. Sometimes you need to just close your eyes, take a leap of faith and step out into the unknown in order to make your dreams come true. Working for someone else only means that you are helping them live their dreams when you should be finding a way to live yours. In order to be successful though, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication but that is not always enough, You are also going to need some advertising and marketing savvy in order to create some momentum that you are going to be able to build on once you are able to start making strides. Identifying some popular trade shows in your industry is a good place to start thinking about how you are going to make your presence known and there are event marketing experts who can help you make the impression you are looking to make.

Marketing comes in many forms and different agencies have different strengths and weaknesses. Anyone who you are looking into to help you market your company should be able to prove to you that they have well-rounded experience in the advertising spaces that you are looking to utilize in order to get your message out. There is no good reason to complicate things by hiring one company to perform some of your advertising duties and another to do something else. The advertising world is full of companies with many talented and skilled people working for them who work together to be able to create advertising campaigns that are effective in many different advertising spaces. Their specific experience should be important to you though because like most other startups, your advertising budget is probably very limited. Trade show displays can be designed according to your budget, but skimping in this regard is not a very good idea.

Experiential marketing companies use an ever-expanding variety of methods and techniques in order to make a lasting impression on behalf of their clients. A creative approach is often the way to go for businesses in industries of all kinds, no matter how naturally interesting or uninteresting they seem to be. Some products and brands sell themselves but those who do not and require some convincing, an experienced marketer can really prove to be the difference between making your company successful or not. You only have so much time to get your company off the ground, out of the red and into the black in order to keep moving forward. Perpetual growth is the goal and the right advertising strategy can produce some momentum that starts to sustain itself sooner than later. Creating that momentum can be tough to do alone and that is why advertising and marketing is so important.

The whole idea behind trade shows is to bring as many people together into one place with similar interests as possible so they can share and explore. Trade shows are not a new concept but many of the artistic and creative ways that companies are presenting their messages are new. You do not want your trade show display to just show people things, you want it to teach them and encourage interaction so they can be a part of an experience. Providing an experience is not the same as producing an advertisement and the best experiential marketing agencies are going to know the difference between the two and how to properly distinguish your company amidst the hoards of competition at the same show.

It is not necessarily easy to get people who are walking the trade show floor to notice your booth and then make the decision to stop what they are doing to come over and take a look. However, when they do you want them to be stimulated and entertained so they are able to have a good time and learn something while the overall experience takes a hold of a place in their minds. Many working adults who attend trade shows once or twice a year don’t have a lot of fun working their daily jobs, so this is an opportunity for them to cut loose a little bit while they represent their own companies and check out others. It’s not just okay to have fun at a trade show, it is encouraged because anything that helps someone remember what company they had an interaction with at the show can only have positive repercussions.

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skilled website design agencyA professional digital marketing isn’t just another ad agency. They are much, much more than that, and if you’re business demands it and your marketing budget allows it, you should consider hiring one yourself. The good that a great web development company can do for your business is well worth the expense. A lot of business owners are of the mindset they should be spending a small portion of their marketing budget on their web presence, when it reality they should probably be spending MOST of their budget on it. Even brick and mortar operations like law firms and construction companies stand to benefit greatly from having a great website. If you’re just starting out, or your company is a small operation, you might not have the budget to hire a professional firm. Don’t fret, there are still ways you can take action and build a quality website.

Take the following hints into mind when you’re constructing your website.

1) Make use of a professionally designed logo. This is what your clients or customers are going to remember you by. Have your logo be memorable readily identifiable. It’s best if your logo can signify your business or message in someway. For example a construction company might want to somehow include a tool or building in their logo. If you’re not competent when it comes to design a great deal of professional responsive website designers will help you out on a reasonable hourly basis. Even if you can’t afford having the entire site designed, I think you’ll find it useful to spend money on your logo.

2) Digital marketing firms will always recognize the importance of search engine optimization. When it comes to SEO, you can’t be too thorough. You’ll want your website to have a blog that is written in a great voice, and designed to fit in perfectly with your company’s business. A law firm, as an example, might want to have a weekly blog updating case decisions relevant to their practice.

3) Use color strategically and with restraint. The best designers don’t over do it when it comes to using color on their websites. Some folks like the idea of having a bright and flashy website, but it’s generally best to avoid something like that. It’s even better if you can tie the colors on your website into your business. Color really sets the tone of the website, so be careful in your selections. Don’t choose something that’s going to contrast with your logo either. If you look around, I think you’ll find a lot of sites a using muted grays and lighter shades for their design.

4) Font may be more important than you think. First of all, visitors to your site have to be able to read information. If your typography blends in with your background or the font is too small, you’re going to find yourself running into issues. You also want to take the design and tone of your website into consideration when choosing a font. Talented designers make typography fit in with the theme.

5) Practice efficient link building and test often. Make sure that every single link on your website leads to somewhere worth visiting. If you have dead landing pages, you’re asking for problems. Dead links and empty pages lead to high bounce and conversion rates. These are both things you want to avoid. Another thing solid link building is going to facilitate is the rising of search engine ranking. Having web crawlers able to cruise your whole site is paramount to your place on search results.

6) The last thing that you absolutely must know about is responsiveness. A creative responsive website is essential to your success. Users have to be able to reach from any type of device, whether they’re on their smartphone, their video game console, and some type of crazy new wearable tech. Once again you’ll have to test your website out on different devices to make sure it’s work. Responsiveness goes beyond devices too. You want your site to show up properly no matter what size the screen or browser is shrunk down or enlarged to. You also want it to show up correctly on every type of imaginable browser, and there are more than you might think.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional responsive website designer to have a successful and well maintained website. Just concentrate on the hints I’ve provided in this article, and expand your research to many different resources. Don’t be afraid to hire help where you can, as it may greatly improve your chances of success.

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As a young parent, finding the right dentists can be an important and tedious task.  This is partly because, even now, you can already understand that your needs won’t be the same every day; as time goes on, what you and your family need from whoever provides you with professional family dentistry will change. If you find the right dentists’ office, however, they’ll be able to cope with all the needs you have as a family.

family dentists you can trustFor example, they’ll be able to help you as adults (and parents) who are strapped on time.  All the exhaustion you’ll be experiencing may well take its toll on your dental hygiene regimen, and if that happens, you may find yourself with a cavity.  And, if you’re anything like my friend who didn’t pay attention to her own medical needs after she had a child, you may spend the next few months with a minor pain in your teeth as a cavity forms, and then as it grows, and grows, and then as it gets infected.  Before you know what’s happening, you feel excruciating pain in your tooth, which turns out to be a dental abscess, and now, you find yourself needing the removal of huge sections of a teeth, a root canal, and antibiotic treatment in order to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread to your brain and cause death (well, first it causes a coma that no one ever wakes up from, but the result is, sadly, the same).  Needing all these thing, you’ll want a skilled dentist who’s spent a lot of time honing their craft.

What about for your kids, when they’re old enough to go see the dentist and after your nightmarish pain from that dental abscess is almost entirely forgotten?  You’ll need to bring them to the dentist, and the pediatric dentist will need to take care of them, to check that their teeth are coming in properly (and likely to continue to do so), and to make sure that your kids know how to brush properly.  They’ll also have an even more important task: teaching your children the benefits that a lifetime of proper dental hygiene can impart, as well as the issues that come with neglecting such hygiene.  A good pediatric dentist will help your kids be comfortable in the dentist’s office, while also ensuring that they’re being educated about the importance of taking care of their teeth so they’re in that office as rarely as possible.

As your kids grow, they may wind up needed braces of some sort.  It is estimated that, in the United States, one in three people will, at some point, have to have the corrective power of braces in order to realign their teeth, and there’s a good chance that your children will be among them.  Taking a child to the dentist in order to have cosmetic work done can be among some of the most difficult things you ever get your child to do, and it can be hard on you as well.  A great dentist will be able to help by having a lot of treatment plans to offer your child.  Standard braces are still used quite commonly, consisting of the brackets mounted onto your teeth with dental adhesive, the metal wire run over them that is hooked to the ends, thus creating tension, and the whole thing being held together by rubber bands.  There’s also a more modern treatment, invisible braces, known by their brand name, Invisalign.  They are preferable for a lot of reasons, but the one reason that your teen or young adult is most likely to care about is that these braces are, as the name would lead one to believe, invisible, allowing them to be worn, and to slowly realign the teeth to a more optimal alignment, without drawing attention to the imperfection in the teeth or being an issue that might impact their social standing.  Obviously, this kind of treatment requires up to date technology and training, and a good dentist’s office will be staffed with people with the knowledge to apply this treatment for your teen or young adult.

So, if you’re looking for a new professional dentist‘s office to go to, and you’re planning on staying with this dentist, or these dentists, for the long haul, make sure that you plan ahead.  See what they have to offer, not only to you, but to your partner, and to your eventual children.  It may take a bit of work, but you’ll be glad you did it.